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Blue River Named Most Intriguing Technology in Agriculture by PrecisionAg

Precision Ag Website recently released their "Top 10 Most Intriguing Technologies in Agriculture", and named Blue River's 'See and Spray Technology' number 1 on their list.

"Many of the “cool” new technologies being made available to agriculture have a hard time finding practical applications that add value. On its face, machine learning — the ability of a computer to accumulate knowledge about an action or a thing and begin to “make decisions” on its own — would have broad applications in ag. And it could; but the devil is in the details. Tasks that seem relatively simple often end up having multiple layers that add complexity in a hurry.

With its See & Spray technology, startup tech company Blue River started by identifying a singular issue of great concern — herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth — and developed a machine that can “learn” to identify and spray Palmer on the go utilizing machine learning. In testing mode in the Southeastern U.S. this year, it is scheduled to move to production in 2018." .....

Read the whole article here


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